Clog Free Glue Pin Cap


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Clog Free Glue Pin Cap

The Lash Glue Pin is the adhesive nozzle life saver! It comes with a needle in the cap to keep the nozzle free of glue.  Combining these caps with proper care and treatment of your adhesive bottle will save you a ton of time, not to mention aggravation!  Place securely on adhesive nozzle to prevent clogging.  Use every last drop and reduce product waste.

  • Will fit any size bottle of glue
  • Can be used in place of regular cap to prevent glue from clogging
  • Sold individually

TIP:  Burping the adhesive after each dispensing and wiping the tip with a NON-cotton product  (so, no q-tips, cotton swabs or paper towels) as well as storing upright is still recommended.