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D Curl (Classic & Volume)

The D-curl is the most dramatic curl.  It’s perfect for clients who want to ‘WOW’ – without having to say a word!


Faux mink synthetic lashes are lighter and more flexible than conventional synthetic lashes.  These individual lashes are high gloss, curled and tapered to perfection to give your clients a soft, natural, beautiful look.  Conveniently organized into 12 lash strips, they are easier to apply than regular loose lash extensions, and their precision manufacturing technique guarantees lashes to keep their curl over time. Give your clients the glamorous, sexy look they deserve with BL Lashes!


  • Curl: D
  • Thickness: Volume &n Classic .03/.05/.07/.10/.15/.20/.25
  • Length: 7-16mm & Mixed Length Tray 7-14mm
  • Approximately 4500 lashes per tray.


Note:  Blink is changing their Mink Lash line to the new BL (Blink Lash) Design.  Some of our lash trays may ship with this new technology while transitioning (at no additional cost to you!)  Check out the laser-lash info below: 

Welcome to the world’s 1st laser-processed Mink Lash with bonding 1.5 times longer than standard individual eyelash extensions.   Blink Laser Lash is a synthetic mink lash with vertical and horizontal micro-grooves made in the base of the lash using laser-processing technology.  The laser processed micro-grooves widen the adhesive surface and holds glue evenly for up to 1.5 times longer than standard lashes.  Laser-processing technology enables the lash to be much softer, and works well with both thick and thin viscosity adhesives.  See additional product images for diagram.

TIP:  remove strip from tray and adhere to your lash palette, the back of your hand or work surface.  Use tweezers to pick up one lash at a time by placing tweezers ¼ from tip and pulling in a forward and down motion.  Proceed with your normal application.