DEUX (two-toned)


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Deux Lash Tray

Perfect for everyday use! Because these two-toned lashes (black at the base & coloured mid lash to tip) are less bold than the full colour lashes, you can do an entire set of extensions with them. They are suitable for a professional environment; subtle enough that they won’t draw too much attention, while still allowing for self-expression.


  • Curl: C
  • Availble Colours: Green, Blue, Purple
  • Thickness: .15/.20mm
  • Length: 9mm/11mm/13mm
  • Approximately 4500 lashes per tray.


TIP:  remove strip from tray and adhere to the back of your hand or work surface.  Use a tweezer to pick up one lash at a time by placing tweezers ¼ from tip and pulling in a forward and down motion.  Proceed with your normal application.