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BL LASHES Fina Glue (5g/10g)

FINA is a Spanish word meaning ‘excellent, high quality and sophisticated’, all of which are perfect when describing this new addition to the BL family of adhesives!

For the eyelash extension professional, it is very important to have top quality glue – one that is easy to work with, has a quick drying time and creates an ultra-long lasting bond. BL Fina glue for eyelash extensions is recommended for the advanced lash professional.


  • Quick drying time:  With a drying time of 1-2 seconds, you can move quickly without lashes getting stuck together.
  • Black in colour:  Using a black eyelash extension glue creates seamless lashes.  You cannot tell where the glue is and you see no “white” film.
  • Liquid in texture:  Because of the liquid texture, clumping is less likely.  You can get just the right amount of glue on the extension to get the perfect bond.
  • Strong bonding period:  Fina glue is one of the strongest bonding glues available.  The bonding period of the natural lash and the extension is up to five weeks. 

TIP:  Use fan or air blower on lashes for several minutes following application before allowing your clients to open eyes.  Store in a cool, dry place for maximum shelf life.

*Blink Lash is now ‘BL Lashes’ – same quality products with a brand new look!


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5g, 10g