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Lash Palette  (5 pack)

A Lash Supplies Favourite!!

Create your own lash tray with these reusable lash palettes.   Made of clear, flexible plastic, they are the ideal surface to layout your working lashes for easy application.  First, place the lash strips you’ll be working with  (various curl, thickness, length as desired) on to the palette.  Then, secure the palette using 3M transpore tape to a towel placed over clients’ forehead for super speedy application.  Attach a disposable glue cup to the top of the palette (using sticky tack for a secure hold) to breeze through lash sets like a pro!  When you’re done, simply store them in your empty lash cases – they fit perfectly!

*lashes not included

TIP:  remove empty lash strips with ease…and reuse – it’s THAT simple!