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Micro Brush  (3 sizes, 100 per tube)

These flexible, lint-free microfiber tip brushes are perfect for cleaning and priming lashes.  They hold solutions without dripping and won’t leave any cotton filaments in the lashes (like Q-tips or cotton pads sometimes do).

Micro brushes are ideal for removing single eyelash extensions that were placed incorrectly without disturbing surrounding lashes, as well as the removal of multiple lashes and full sets.  Packaged in a convenient tube with a flip bottom opening for easy dispensing.

TIP:  Buy these for yourself AND to retail to your clients as part of aftercare maintenance.


Available in 3 different sizes:

Superfine 1mm (white)

Fine 1.5mm (black)

Regular 2mm (blue)



  • 3 sizes available
  • Cleaning & priming lashes
  • Removal of eyelash extensions
  • Dislodging remnants of mascara/eyeliner from the lash line using makeup remover
  • Retail to clients for aftercare maintenance

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Super Fine (1mm), Fine (1.5mm), Regular (2mm)