*New LEVEL 5D volume lash


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*NEW* LEVEL 5D Volume Lash 

BL Level 5D lash has 5 way, MULTI LEVEL split tips (see product image), and the space between each lash is wider than existing 5D lashes for a more voluminous effect. Each tray contains various lengths of lashes (from 7-14mm) to allow for faster application, and to create more natural looking volume lashes.

These volume lashes are thin and lightweight at .07mm for those who like to “stack” lashes for a voluminous affect.  Conveniently placed on the strip in pre-made fans of 5 lashes (5D effect) – they easily separate to create 3D or 4D effect as well… just pick up the desired amount!


NOTE: (5)x.07mm Lashes are the same weight as (1)x.20mm lash. Stacking the lashes does not add weight and will not harm the natural lash if applied correctly.


  • Curl:  C, D
  • Thickness: .07
  • Length: Mixed Length Tray (7-14mm)
  • 12 strips per tray