Organizer Bag




Expandable Nylon Organizer


This fashionable Nylon Organizer Bag Insert makes organizing your bag and transferring your bag contents simple.  It provides lots of organizing options with 12 pockets to store your important items, two zippered pockets for securing larger items, plus built-in carrying handles – organizational heaven!  Just place your lash supplies, make up, cell phone and business cards in the organizer’s pockets making it easy to find them when needed. All items will remain with the organizer because of the enclosed bottom. The durable nylon fabric of the Organizer protects the inner lining of your purse, reducing the wear and tear on your expensive bags.

When you want to change purses, just grab the Organizer and slip it into your new purse transferring all your contents at once.  With such a simple transfer, you can change purses on a daily basis.

Perfect for use with:

  • Lash Supplies
  • Make up
  • Purse contents
  • Electronics

Measurements: 11″ x 6.5″ x 4″