STARTER KIT: Eyelash Extension Essentials


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STARTER KIT: Eyelash Extension Essentials


This starter kit comes complete with a collection of tools and eyelash extensions that are ideal for the beginner.  Perfect for those wising to launch a new lash business! If purchased separately, these items would retail for well over $250 making this an extraordinary value. Enough product for approximately 50 lash set applications.  Why not couple this with our ADD ON Lash Variety Kit or ADD ON After-Care Kit to build your lash collection – err…lash EMPIRE!

*Training mannequin also available and makes a great practice lash ‘model’.

  • Nylon organizer bag
  • 10 pairs of lint-free under eye patches
  • 3 signature mink lash trays (.15 –  8mm/10mm/12mm) in your choice of B or C curl
  • 1 vetus straight tweezer (5A-SA)
  • 1 vetus tweezer ESD-12
  • 1 large jade stone
  • 1 stainless steel scissor
  • 1 gel remover
  • 1 air blower
  • 1 surgical tape
  • 1 (10pk) mascara wands
  •  1 alcohol spray (70%)
  • 1 sky adhesive
  • 1 microbrush (100pk)
  • 1 primer

*items may vary slightly from images based on availability